Friday, January 10, 2014

The Perfect Work Bag

For the past few weeks, I have been obsessing over Dagne Dover. They are a fab little company based in NYC and they make the most wonderful totes! I stalk their social media {Instagram} obsessively because everything they post is drool worthy.

I think their bag is the perfect work bag. I am completely, weirdly obsessed with having everything with me at all times (just me?) because a girl never knows what she's going to need away from home. Recently I've been loving the Hudson Blue version because I'm obsessed with this color remember?

In reality I'd probably opt for the Dagne Blue, their signature color, because its still a fun pop of color but a little darker. Knowing me I will get it dirty and this gorgeous light blue probably wouldn't handle it, sad. 

What I really love about this bag is the structure. There is a slot for your laptop, iPad, phone, anything you could imagine keeping in your bag could find a home. No more tote clutter! I love my Longchamp as much as the next person, but I hate searching hours for a pen or chapstick!

 My absolute favorite pocket is the water bottle pocket. I alway carry water with me, so this eliminates my constant fear of my water bottle leaking all over my bag. Game changer! 
Plus this bkr in boy, it seems like a match made in heaven, no?

As if it couldn't get any better, Dagne Dover makes the perfect clutch/wallet to match! This is seriously one of the most functional wallets I have ever seen. I love how everything is laid out. 

Something else I love about this company is that all their products are made in New York. I can get behind anything made in the U.S. 

Too bad, a Dagne Dover bag is a little out of my price range for the time being, but as I graduate college this spring, I will be looking for a big girl bag for work and this tote is definitely on the short list. 

Does anyone have any other suggestions for good work bags?

*All photographs were taken by Dagne Dover


  1. Ashley from History in High Heels blog always talks about her Dagne bag too, I had never heard of it before this but it looks like a fabulous bag for a girl on the go, that light blue is such a pretty color! Have a wonderful weekend girlfriend!

  2. So cute! Looks like a great tote for a girl who needs to carry a lot! :)



  3. Wow, this really is the perfect work bag, it's absolutely amazing!


  4. Wow this bag is beautiful. I am obsessed with carrying EVERYTHING around with me. I use a leather messenger bag right now and got a Saddleback Leather bag for my boyfriend, but I am loving this bag (and all its organization pockets!).

    jess | Quaintrelle

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