Thursday, June 27, 2013


So the other day I walked into the Apple store...bad idea I know. I just really cannot control myself in there. Anyway, I was immediately drawn to the headphones display. I have been thinking about investing in some nicer headphones for a while but this is the first time I have really looked.

I'm looking for something stylish, comfortable and (somewhat) feminine. I'm an appreciator of music, not an audiophile at all! I can tell when music sounds better or worse using different speakers or headphones, but I really don't hear any of the nuances that others do.

Of those displayed at the Apple store these Beats Solo and the Bose AE2i really caught my attention. Both are slightly smaller so my head didn't look like they were drowning in headphones, they had great sound quality (from what I could tell) and were pretty comfy (for the 2 mins I wore them). So naturally, I went home and began doing research. My problem was every review was tainted by so called "audiophiles" who have a problem with anything sold for "mainstream" use. It's really hard to weed out good information about these products.

So here's what I have so far: 

Bose: So far these are slightly ahead. The sound was a little better in my opinion and I liked that these covered my ears rather than resting on top. They also blocked more noise (even though they aren't sound canceling). The only downside is they are a little bulkier, they do not fold for easy travel, and they aren't as pretty (I know this should not make or break my decision but I like pretty things, I can't help it!) 

Beats: I have read that these really over-emphasize bass. I'm not a huge rap/hip-hop fan, I have a few songs of this genre in my music library but thats it. So extra bass is unnecessary and I worry it would mess with other genres (I have no factual basis for this). I love the way this pair looks, its just so streamlined and HELLO PURPLE! It also folds so they would be a little more portable. 

Ok, here is where you come in! Does anyone own either of these? What do you think? Are there other recommendations that I should look in to? I would really appreciate it!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Wish List

Summer is my favorite season. I cannot get enough of being in the sunshine and the heat! I also think that summer has some of the best things: ice cream, shorts, dresses, BBQs, beaches, traveling, and sandals, AND happy bright colors! What's not to love?!

Needless to say every summer I get a little carried away with buying (or at least looking at) fun summer things. So, this year I decided to compile some of my summer favorites into one HUGE list. No way I will ever actually buy all of these things, but a girl can dream right?


1. Sseko Sandal | This company is beyond great! Seriously check out their story. Not only do they help a great cause but they are completely customizable and totally adorable! 
2. J. Crew Mini-wedges | The neon persimmon color is literally the perfect summer and I cannot get enough of the little wedge! 
3. Jack Rogers Classic Navajos in Platinum | The classic summer sandal and the platinum color goes with everything. These would definitely get lots of lovin'. 

4. J. Crew Canvas Overnight Bag | The perfect size for quick trips to the cabin, beach, or boyfriend's house! Plus add a monogram for $10. The only problem is I can't choose between navy or pink! How's a girl to choose?!
5. Fossil Marlow Clutch | My wallet has seen better days and I think this one would be the perfect replacement. Lots of room and could be thrown in a bag or carried on its own. Plus the scallop detail is too cute and colorful. 
6. Kate Spade Palm Springs Sloan | Ok this one is a definite pipe dream. I could never spend $500 on a bag. But if its ever on super sale, you'd better be sure I'd snatch it up! 
7. Truffle No. 1 Clarity Pouch | I love this little travel pouch. Great for keeping little things from getting lost in the huge duffle you take to the beach or pool! They come in a ton of colors but the peony is my favorite. 

8. Hot Pink Shorts | I'm obsessed with colored shorts! I need to add a hot pink pair to my collection this summer. 
9. J. Crew Gingham Button Down | I love breezy button downs in the summer, especially if you want to cover up a little extra in the sun. This sea green gingham fits the bill. 
10. Lemon and Line Bracelet | I love the colors of this nautical themed bracelet. Its a great way to accessorize if you're planning on moving around because it won't be clinking or moving around as much as other jewelry. 
11. Joie Dress | This dress is another one I could never justify buying. Its just way to expensive. But its the perfect breezy dress for hot summer days. Plus the light blue accent is to die for. Hoping for a sale before the end of the summer. 

12. Tarte Lipsurgence | I've been in love with Tarte products lately and these lip balms would be perfect to add a little color to your lips without the stress of reapplying or worrying about lipstick. Lucky and Glisten are nice summery colors but there is a whole huge line of colors. 
13. Essie Summer Line | Last but not least Essie's whole summer line of colors! This whole collection are perfect for fingers and toes this summer. Spot on! 

Whewwwwww! That was quite a list. Now time to go enjoy some sunshine! 

What has you feeling summery? 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend Update

I spent the weekend with the boyfriend. The weather was perfect all weekend and we got to spend a lot of time outside and it was perfect.

Beer and a cigar, what a manly man. 

Hydrangeas in my favorite color were a wonderful surprise! 

And of course this little lady! 

Plus a delicious dinner of salmon, zucchini and asparagus. 

What else could anyone ask for? 

How was your weekend? 

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Reubens are my go to diner sandwich. They are actually one of the most delicious sandwiches ever! They are, admittedly, a bit bizarre though. They are made with corned beef, swiss cheese and sauerkraut.

Up until recently, I only ever ate them when I went out to eat. Honestly, the thought of making them at home never crossed my mind...until earlier this summer when I had an insane craving for them. So the boyfriend and I whipped up a few with a side of beet chips. It was a quick and easy dinner, and perfect for enjoying outside....

(and with a side of scotch for the boyfriend)

Here's how we made everything. 

Reuben Sandwich: 
Corned beef
Sauerkraut (canned is fine)
Thousand Island Dressing
Swiss cheese
Rye bread

There isn't a set amount of ingredients or a real recipe for this sandwich, add as much or as little of everything. You should heat the sauerkraut in the microwave or on the stove top. While you are doing this heat the corned beef in a frying pan. Then butter the bread (like you would for a grilled cheese) and assemble everything on the sandwich. Be careful flipping, they have a tendency to fall apart (see the second picture above). Don't forget the dressing! 

Beet Chips
Olive Oil

First, thinly slice the beets. A mandolin or the slicing attachment on a food processor would be best for this. We just sliced them using a knife and they ended up a little to thick to get really crunchy. Spread them out on a baking sheet and top with olive oil and salt. We have found that low heat for a longer period of time works better. Trying to cook it on high heat leaves the edges burnt and the center mushy.  Even if they don't quite get crispy, I still think they're a great side. But I love beets so you could say I'm a little biased! 

These sandwiched turned out great and are super easy! I highly recommend them. 

What have you been cooking lately? 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This summer I am living on campus without a meal plan, which means I am grocery shopping for myself. The other day I was cleaning my room and I was amazed at how many plastic bags I'd acquired in just a few short weeks! Now I'm not some sort of crazy environmentalist, but I do like to try and hold myself accountable for my environmental impact. And this plastic bag thing is obviously a problem!

Luckily there is a simple solution! Take my own bags. You can get reusable bags at most grocery stores  cheap, but lets admit it, they aren't the most stylish things in the world. For those of us who are willing to pay a little extra for something that looks nice (completely guilty of this!) there's a great company called Baggu.

I'm in love with these stylish reusable bags. They are perfect for taking to the store, but they wouldn't look out of place at the mall either! Bonus: They fold up for easy storage in your car or purse.

I'm thinking of a navy and white motif...with a pop of pink of course!

What colors or patterns would you pick?

Sunday, June 16, 2013


So I'm having bag envy. I hardly need to spend money on a bag right now, but what girl can't help but drool at designer bags. I have absolutely fallen in love with the Tory Burch Robinson Middy Satchel. Its just the most perfect bag to have ever graced this planet...ok maybe thats a bit of an exaggeration, but I mean look at it!

At $495 this bag is absurdly expensive. I don't think I could ever justify spending that much on a bag, especially not at this point in my life. Which brings me to the Fossil Marlow Satchel, which is a very  similar bag. The shape is slightly different and there is no shoulder strap which is kind of a bummer, but its only $218 so who's complaining? Yes I said only $218... which is still insanely expensive, but slightly more reasonable. 

 Well needless to say both of these bags are wayyyy out of my price range. So I'm stuck internet window shopping for now. 

What have you been lusting over lately? 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Extra! Extra!

I'll be the first to admit, I'm a bit of a news junkie. I have every news app under the sun and I'm constantly getting updates. I will also be the first to admit that when life gets busy, keeping up with current events is one of the first things to fall to the wayside. The whirlwind information age we live in can make it even harder to keep up, and separate the good information from the bad. I want to share some of my favorite news sources as well as how I keep informed.

Lets start with the big three: The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal. These are three classics that are sill completely relevant today. The advent of online content makes it much easier to keep up with multiple news sources. I much prefer reading actual newspapers but on a college student budget, that is not always in the cards. Trust me I still dream of the day when I can afford to have these three show up on my doorstep everyday...this dream also includes an extra three hours too read them all. 

I'm also a politics junkie. I find the inner workings of Washington riveting, am I the only one? If your into politics like I am Politico is a must read! It gives a full account of everything thats going on in Washington. In my opinion, it is one of the best ways to learn about our government. Ok, so not everyone is as excited as I am about politics. Its still important to be informed about what is going on in politics. For those of you who what the most important stories Real Clear Politics and Real Clear Markets are for you. These sites choose the top stories on politics and the economy from around the news world and compile them into a list for your reading pleasure. Seriously, this is news for the extremely lazy. 

I'm sure pretty much everyone is familiar with The Huffington Post, the incredibly relevant, online news source. It also has a notoriously liberal spin. Thats all well and good, but you should always try and get both sides of any story. Thats where The Daily Caller comes in, this source is a similar online approach but it was created to appeal to the conservative viewpoint. Despite not agreeing with their ideology, this is still a great source. They find really unique story angles and offer good information. Ok, fine, you win, another reason I love this site is that it was created by one of my all time favorite news personalities, Tucker Carlson. You may be thinking 'what nerd has a favorite newscaster?' Well my answer to that is, have you seen him!? 


Its also important to get an international perspective, I have found thats the best way to get unbiased reporting on whats going on in America. I love BBC and Le Monde. You can get the English edition of Le Monde here, but I always try and muddle through in French because I keep telling myself that 10 years of French has to be good for something! 

Finally NPR. My absolute favorite. I listen to the Morning Edition at some point every day (you can access the full show from their website or NPR app). I also love NPR while driving. Not only do you get good news, but they play fun music too. Its a great way to discover new music! 

So how do I keep up with all of this? Confession. I don't. It would be impossible. The best you can do is make an effort. A great place to start is by downloading their apps if you have a smartphone, make sure you set it so you get notifications. Whenever you are sitting around on your phone, read a few articles instead of facebook. Another strategy is to follow them on twitter, they post short updates usually with a link to the full story. News in 140 characters or less. Really, just set aside some time every day to read up on whats happening in our world.

Still need some motivation to follow the news? Watch The Newsroom on HBO, it is literally one of the best shows I have ever seen. 

How do you keep up with current events? I'm always looking for new ways to stay informed. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Baby's First Swim!

Recently the boyfriend and I spent the weekend at his cabin. I love taking pictures and I wanted to post a few photographs from the weekend, especially my puppy's first swim! She did great, we would throw the ball for her and she would jump right in! I was so proud...yes I'm one of those crazy dog moms.

Plus a bonus close up, too cute!

All of these photos were taken with my Lumix LX5. Its the perfect camera for amateurs and pros looking for something more portable. I hope to do a more in depth review in the near future, but in the mean time anyone in the market for a new camera should definitely look into it.