Friday, October 25, 2013


I'm one of those people that carries a water bottle with me pretty much everywhere. I'm also one of those people that tends to leave water sitting around in said bottle for wayyyyy too long. All the information out there about plastic bottles leeching chemicals into your water freaked me out, even the bottles that are BPA free could still be putting nasty chemicals into your drinks. I mean you can even taste it if you've had water out of a bottle that has been hanging out too long.

So, I went on a search for an alternative. I tried metal bottles but they left a metallic taste that was worse than the plastic in my opinion. Finally, I came across glass bottles and I thought yeah right! I would definitely drop it and break it within a week.

But then I found Bkr and I couldn't say no. They are literally perfect. Glass bottles with a protective silicon sleeve that protects the bottle from breaks. Trust me, I have dropped mine several times and it has survived (if you drop it on cement or something it would probably break, but it handles regular falls fine). Plus they come in a million cute colors. The best part though is that they are completely recyclable, if for some crazy reason you don't want it any more you can just throw the bottle in your recycling. They are totally worth the $28, especially if you buy bottled water now. It pays for itself in a month.

I currently have one in Surf and one in Crush. I love both colors so much, I frequently switch them out. Confession, I frequently match them to my bag or lunchbox. Once you get one, you can't stop. Every time Bkr comes out with new colors I find myself drooling over all of the fun new colors.

Right now I love this gorgeous light blue called Boy. Maybe its because I'm obsessed with this particular color right now.

These bottles are the perfect size. They hold 16 oz. which isn't as much as some bottles but I can fill mine up frequently throughout the day so that doesn't bother me. They are coming out with a 1 liter bottle soon so that would probably be better if you were planning on using it for hiking or something where you couldn't refill it easily. I like that it holds less because it makes it way more portable, it seriously fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. Its just so comfortable to carry around. I also love that it has a small opening, similar to a glass soda bottle. This is a lifesaver! I've had wide mouth bottles in the past and I would spill it on myself literally once a day at least. With Bkr no spills!

Also, they aren't just for girls. They have a bunch of more boy appropriate colors for the man in your life. Guy or gal, everyone can get behind a stylish eco-friendly water bottle. Am I right?

I also thought I'd include this cute image @mybkr tweeted a while back. I saved it to my computer because I was planning on painting it for a gallery wall project that I have in the works (more on that later). I don't know who to credit, but its so cute so kudos to them. 

What color would you choose? 

PS: Bkr is not in any way sponsoring this post. I honestly love this product and completely recommend it. 

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